Cervantes and Velasquez Room

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Cervantes and Velasquez

The Cervantes and Velasquez room is named in honor of Ascencion de Cervantes and Josefa Velasquez, the last fluent speakers of the Mutsun language. Their knowledge and perspectives were recorded by J.P Harrington, a Smithsonian linguist and ethnographer in the 20th century. More information on the Mutsun language and continuing revitalization efforts, see the language page of the Amah Mutsun website.

Quiroste (ki-raw'-stee) Mural:

The mural along the back wall in the Cervantez and Velasquez room was painted by Ann Elizabeth Thiermann with the input and review of representatives from the Amah Mutsun Tribe, staff from the American Indian Resource Center, and UCSC students. The mural was commissioned as a means to provide a cultural context for the names of the conference rooms and depicts the ancient ceremonial site “Quiroste.” The full description of the mural reads: 

“Dancing at Quiroste” is staged at the ancient ceremonial site Quiroste, inland site of Ano Nuevo, north coast of Santa Cruz county.

It celebrates details from Portola's diaries who chronicled his stay with the Indians in the 1700's. Redwood huts were made from the dramatic stand of redwoods at the site.

Room #318

Table Seating Capacity: 27

Maximum Capacity: 53

Effective 10/8/2021 the above capacity reflects a 20% decrease in total capacity to remain in compliance of recommended Environmental Health and Safety guidelines for COVID-19.




1 cable TV connection on the South wall used for built in equipment.

Media Equipment: 

Cervantes and Velasquez Conference Room has built in equipment consisting of:

  • Sound system with wireless microphone ($4.50/hr. campus use)

  • Ceiling mounted video projector with VGA computer connection ($15.00/hr. campus use)

  • Document Camera (projector required) ($3.38/hr campus use)

  • VCR with cable TV connection (projector required) ($2.25/hr campus use)

  • DVD/CD player (projector required) ($2.63/hr campus use)

  • Cassette tape player/recorder (sound system required) ($1.13/hr campus use)

  • Wired lapel microphone (sound system required) ($1.25/hr campus use)

  • Assistive listening devices (4) (sound system required) ($.75/hr campus use)

  • Big Screen TV ($20.00/hr campus use)

Other available media equipment is shared between all rooms. It is reserved on a first come, first served basis. BTCC staff will provide very limited equipment support. You are advised to contract with Learning Technologies in advance if you will need assistance in setting up and running equipment.

If you have specific questions about the equipment available, contact Bay Tree Conference Staff.

See below for images of the space.

  • 5 rows of tables and chairs facing forward. 2 windows and a door lead to outside.
  • 5 rows of chairs and tables lead forward to a podium, whiteboard, screen, and windows.
  • rows of tables and chairs face forward, a countertop runs along the back wall to the left along with a wall mural and an exit to patio 1 along the adjacent wall.
  • a countertop runs along the wall with a mural above it. Main entrances are on either side of the countertop.