Patio 1

Redwood tree graphic

Table Seating Capacity: 12

Maximum Capacity: 115

Effective 10/8/2021 the above capacity reflects a 20% decrease in total capacity to remain in compliance of recommended Environmental Health and Safety guidelines for COVID-19.

Patio one is located between the Muwekma Ohlone and Cervantes and Velasquez Conference rooms and is directly accessible from those rooms. It is also accessible via walkway from the Amah Mutsun and Esselen Nation rooms as well as from the main hall. Both patios are open to the general public unless reserved for exclusive use.

See below for images of the space.

  • a patio balcony with tables and chairs
  • an angled view of a balcony patio with tables and chairs. A wall encloses the patio with a door