Room Reservations 

Conference rooms are open for use by UCSC affiliates only. This includes staff, faculty, approved student organizations through SOAR/SoMeCa/Student Media, and student groups affiliated with the Division of Student Affairs and Success.
  • Non-UCSC affiliates cannot make reservations at the Bay Tree Conference Center unless they are working directly with Conference Services

Conference rooms are scheduled on a first-come first served basis. Rooms are not to be used for academic instruction. Each group is responsible for returning meeting room furniture to its original placement if moved during your conference or event. A fee of $23.50 per hour, a minimum of one hour, will be charged to reset room furniture. Bay Tree Conference Center staff reserves the right to re-assign rooms if necessary.

For the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters: 

  • One-time reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be made more than 90 days in advance. All standing reservations are reflected in the conference room calendars. 

  • Recurring reservations (meetings or multi-day events) for all groups can only be scheduled during Week 11 of the previous quarter for the start of the following quarter. These reservations will only be scheduled for Week 1-Week 11 during the quarter of the recurring event.

    • First, users should submit the "Room Reservation Form" to secure the first meeting. Then users should email btconference@ucsc.edu to schedule the remaining meetings for the quarter.

    • Here are some examples:

      • A reservation request for a recurring staff meeting on Wednesdays, 10 AM-11 AM for Winter 2024 can be submitted starting December 10, 2023 (Fall Week 11) for review. The meetings can start January 8 (Winter Week 1) and go through March 23 (Winter Week 11).

      • A reservation request for a recurring student org meeting on Sundays from 5 PM-7 PM for Spring 2024 can be submitted on March 17 (Winter Week 11). The meetings can start the week of April 1 (Spring Week 1) and go through June 16 (Spring Week 11).  

The Bay Tree Conference Center is closed for 2 weeks during Winter Curtailment each year for maintenance and cleaning. This will be the week after Fall Finals Week 11 through Winter Week 0. Please review the academic calendar for these dates. 

Reservation weeks for Bay Tree Conference Center are considered Monday- Sunday, with Monday starting the week and Sunday ending the week. Reservation requests submitted on Sunday will be reviewed on Monday. 

For the Summer Quarter: 

During the Summer Quarter, inquiries about reservation requests more than 90 days before the reservation can be directed to btconference@ucsc.edu for review.  

If the reservation is within the 90-day reservation window, the policies from the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters still apply: 

  • One-time reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be made more than 90 days in advance. All standing reservations are reflected in the Google calendars. 

  • Recurring reservation requests for summer groups should contact btconference@ucsc.edu for scheduling. We can also support scheduling multiday events. 

Room Charges

The Bay Tree Conference Center charges all groups except registered student organizations with SOAR/SoMeCa/Student Media Reservations and units with the Division of Student Affairs and Success. This exemption does not apply to media fees. All fees will be charged for no-shows, cleaning, and damages
Amah Mutsun Conference Room (Offline): $20.00 per hour
Esselen Nation Conference Room: $15.00 per hour
Muwekma Ohlone Conference Room: $20.00 per hour
Cervantes and Velasquez Conference Room
  • Room fees: $35.00 per hour
  • Wall-mounted TV: $20.00 per hour
  • Ceiling-mounted video/data projector: $15.00 per hour
  • Sound system with wireless mic: $4.50 per hour
  • Wired lapel mic (sound system required): $1.25 per hour
Patio 1 and Patio 2 are free to reserve. 
All Conference Rooms
  • $23.50 flat fee for any cleaning or rearrangement of the conference rooms and then an additional $23.50 per each additional hour of cleaning/trash removal. 
  • All fees will be charged for no-shows, late cancellations, cleaning, and damages.

Hours of Operation

The Bay Tree Conference Center is open 7 AM - 10 PM daily and is closed during Winter Curtailment. The Bay Tree Conference Rooms will close promptly at 10:00 pm each night. Rooms will be unlocked by the custodial staff. Email BTconference@ucsc.edu if you are locked out.


For the consideration of other conference room users, please cancel any reservations as soon as possible by emailing btconference@ucsc.edu. Room reservations may be canceled at least seven days before the reservation date and all room and media charges will apply. 

Media Equipment

There is media equipment (projector, sound system, and microphones) in Cervantes & Velasquez (C&V) only. All other conference rooms require users to bring their own projectors and audio equipment. If you reserve C&V and indicate you would like to use the media equipment, you will receive a code to access the media cabinet key, which is located in a lockbox in the front of the room. 

You must return the key to the lockbox and ensure it is locked after use. A $60.00 fee will be charged for keys not returned to the lockbox within 24 hours.

Suppose you need support with using the media cabinet or need technology support to meet certain accommodation needs. In that case, you are advised to contact Learning Technologies Services through ITS http://its.ucsc.edu/about/its-units/learntech/services.html in advance of your event.

We regret we are not able to provide Macbook laptop adapters for use with our projectors, as Apple tends to change the display ports with each new laptop model. If you own a Macbook and intend to use it with our media projector, please bring an appropriate adapter to connect to HDMI and audio ports. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

All users must remove their trash, compost, and recycling from the building after the event. The trash bins for the building are located behind the Bay Tree Building. If users cannot remove their trash, compost, or recycling, they should contact btconference@ucsc.edu and we will request trash removal for a $23.50 charge. 

Rooms should be placed back into their original configuration after the event is complete. Signs within each conference room indicate the correct configuration and chair counts. 

To prevent weather damage or infestations, windows and patio doors should be fully closed after use. 

Whiteboards, tables, and all other surfaces should be wiped clean. 

If the rooms/furniture/shades/whiteboards/AV equipment/carpets, etc. are damaged, users will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement.

IMPORTANT: To support the upkeep and cleanliness of the rooms, we ask for community support in documenting any issues. If upon arrival to the conference room, you notice that it is not clean (trash left in the room, surfaces left dirty, decor or flyers left hanging, etc) or there are any equipment damages, please take photos of the conference room and email them to btconference@ucsc.edu

The previous room users may be charged a $23.50 cleaning fee for not adhering to the conference room policies.


Signs may not be posted on any painted surfaces, such as walls. You may post signs on doors the day of the event.

Catered Events

Food and beverages may be served as long as all areas are properly cleaned afterward. No food trash should be left in the room. If using catering services, please use an approved UCSC Caterer. Be sure to reserve enough time for setup and breakdown by the caterers.

Users will be charged full cleaning fees of $23.50 per hour if the area is not restored to its original condition.


The Bay Tree Conference Center is a non-smoking and tobacco-free facility. Smoking is not permitted in rooms, patios, or anywhere on the UCSC campus.


All other rules and regulations governing the use of campus facilities apply to all rooms, patios, and the Bay Tree Conference Center. Policies can be reviewed at https://policy.ucsc.edu/